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We mediate artists on a high level!

We have been successfully placing our students in engagements since 2008.

One of our core areas is the placement of excellent students from the Folkwang fields of music, theater, dance, photography and design.

Whether you are looking for a highlight for your private party or a program for a larger event such as a gala, trade fair or company party: We will help you put together a suitable contribution or program sequence for your needs and provide you with individual support!

Do you already have specific wishes? Or can we help you with the creation of a concept? Then contact us, the team of the artist agency, Susanne Spangenberg and Thomas Dietz, under

or by phone under +49171/ 3056338

We are looking forward to meeting you!


Folkwang music means diversity.

From early music to jazz to musical and composition, from solo artists to ensembles to bands, from strings to woodwinds and brass to keyboard instruments:

Our musical artists have a lot to offer.

Get a first overview right here or contact us directly with your inquiry.

To the Folkwang Department of Music 

  • Solo artists
    Lonely top!

    You are looking for a soloist or a solo artist for your event?

    Whether glamorous centerpiece or atmospheric background music: We would be happy to work out a program together with you.

    Perhaps you already have concrete ideas regarding the instrument, the genre or very special pieces of music? Talk to us about it!

    Of course we are also happy to arrange solo artists for projects, performances or in bands for temporary engagements.

    We represent artists from the following areas:

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  • Singing
    We give you our voices.

    Our singers master the genres of classical music, opera and operetta, musical and jazz, chanson and cabaret. They sing solo or accompanied by piano, strings or band.

    Would you like to surprise your guests at your party with your favorite opera aria or are you looking for someone to musically accompany your dream wedding? We will be happy to assist you in finding musical ideas suitable for your event and advise you on genres and the selection of musical pieces.

    Also talk to us about the possibility of regular engagements of our artists!

  • Saxophone
    An extraordinary note.

    Looking for that special moment for your event? Surprise with a saxophone!

    Our saxophonists can also be booked as a duo and in accompaniment with guitar, bass or piano. We will be happy to advise you on the musical ideas for your event and support you in the selection of genres and musical pieces. Our artists are looking forward to you!

    Possible areas of application would be for example:

    • Receptions
    • Weddings
    • birthdays
    • Exhibitions
    • vernissages
    • Fairs
  • Piano
    Always nice piano!

    Our pianists play solo, as a duet or also as a trio, can be booked in chamber ensembles or as accompaniment to a band.

    You can choose from the genres of classical, modern and jazz. We will be happy to advise you on the genres and the selection of music pieces and accompany you in finding musical ideas for your event.

  • Violin
    Here plays the first violin!

    Whether company reception, wedding, private celebration or exhibition opening.

    Book a performance with us with solo violin, as a duo or ensemble violin with cello, as a trio with cello and bass or as a string quartet.

    You are not quite sure about the genre or the choice of music? We will gladly accompany you in finding musical ideas and advise you according to your event.

  • DUO
    It's actually nicer in pairs.

    Would you like to have two musicians talk to each other as part of your festivity or event?

    Many combinations are possible:

    • Singing & Piano
    • Singing & Guitar
    • guitar & flute
    • Guitar & Piano
    • Violin & Cello
    • Violin & Piano
    • Saxophone & Guitar
    • Guitar & Guitar
    • Harp & Flute
    • Piano & Clarinet

    Your desired combination is not yet listed? Please contact us.

    We will be happy to assist you in finding musical ideas for your event and advise you on genres and the selection of musical pieces.

  • Trios
    All good things come in threes.

    We arrange our trios in the fields of classical music and jazz.


    • Violin, Violoncello & Piano
    • Violin, Viola & Violoncello
    • Guitar, Flute & Violin
    • Trio of three flutes
    • Piano, Violin & Cello


    • piano, percussion & double bass
    • saxophone, double bass, drums
    • vocals, piano & saxophone
    • Guitar, Saxophone & Bass
    • Piano, Bass & Saxophone

    Have you not yet decided on the genre or choice of music? We will be happy to advise and accompany you in finding your musical ideas!

  • Bands
    A well-practiced team.

    We primarily arrange bands from the genres of jazz and pop. In addition, formations with musical or chanson singing are also possible.

    Do you have no exact ideas about genre or selection of music pieces?

    We will be happy to accompany and advise you in finding the right musical ideas for your event.

    Of course, we will also provide you with information on technical equipment and stage requirements.

  • Bands
    Fabulous Four.

    We arrange the following artists in foursome:


    • violins, viola & violoncello
    • Flute quartets
    • Brasquartets


    • vocals, piano, bass & drums
    • vocals, guitar, bass & drums
    • vocals, piano, saxophone & bass

    We will be happy to accompany you in finding the right musical ideas for your occasion and to advise you on the genres and the choice of music.

  • Composers
    Unheard of!

    We place composers with a focus on instrumental composition, electronic composition, composition and visualization and pop composition, who compose new works of the 21st century on your behalf. Both as autonomous music and as a musical part in your own film or stage project.

    Do you not yet have an exact idea of what you would like to commission?

    We will be happy to accompany and advise you in finding musical ideas for your requirements.


Dance is a tradition at Folkwang.

Dance education at Folkwang University of the Arts is understood as a creative process that is in a constant state of change. The aim is not to train dancers, but dancing people. In addition to fostering the individual artistic personality, the training takes into account the high demands and needs of today’s dance world.

If you are planning an event with a dance performance or need dancers and/or choreographers for a special project, we will gladly take care of your wishes! Of course, we also advise you on stage requirements and technical details.


We are actin for you!

Integrate our artists into your event.

We will be happy to work out a coherent concept with you and assist you in drawing up any schedules, e.g. for readings, moderations and speaker roles or scenic performances.

Of course, we also arrange actors and actresses for theater and film productions.

Physical Theatre

Let’s get physical!

Folkwang University of the Arts is the only university in Germany to offer state training in physical theater.

Here, young theater makers are trained to develop the ability to create their own plays. Essential means of expression are the various ways of telling stories with and about the body, the movement, the gesture.

There are various ways to integrate our Physical Theatre performers into diverse event concepts. Examples are acrobatics, juggling, physical theater in the context of walking acts, private celebrations, corporate events or exhibition openings.

We would be happy to work out a coherent concept with you and assist you in drawing up possible schedules. Of course, we will also provide you with the corresponding stage instructions.



Focus on the special.

Folkwang is considered one of the oldest training centers for photography in Germany and became the epitome of photography training in the 1950s under Otto Steinert.

Focused observation, vivid thinking and reflective seeing are at the heart of the training. Let yourself be inspired by the skills of our photographers!

We arrange our photographers for your event or project, for corporate events, private celebrations, product photography, advertising and image campaigns or architectural photography. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have!



Strong partnerships.

We would like to thank the following partners for their successful cooperation:

  • Office for Building Culture Gelsenkirchen
  • BDI e.V.
  • EON Ruhrgas
  • Dortmund University of Applied Sciences
  • Gelsenwasser AG
  • Limbecker Square Essen
  • Rütgers Group
  • Sheraton Hotel Essen
  • Siemens AG
  • Savings Bank Essen
  • City of Essen
  • University Hospital Essen
  • University of Duisburg Essen